Email newsletters I am excited about these days

Bursts of interesting content arriving in my Inbox during the COVID-19 period

I wanted to give two shout-outs to newsletters that I have been enjoying since before the coronavirus pandemic emerged and have been enjoying even more during this period of semi-confinement.

1) Normcore Tech - Vicky Boykis is a data scientist based in Philly who does a great job at exploring various tech issues in her weekly newsletter (and I really impressed with how she finds the time to do it). When this one arrives in my Inbox, I wait until I have the time to savour and ponder it before I even click to see the contents.

She describes it as “A newsletter about making tech less sexy, more boring, and anything adjacent to tech that the mainstream media isn’t covering.” This is quite tongue-in-cheek as I feel she is on-point, sometimes provocative (, always interesting and includes a nice dose of Russian socialist realism paintings (she has a twitter bot who also tweets these paintings described here

(And no I am not a paid subscriber. When I will find the time to read more my personal emails in a reasonable time I may opt for getting another lovely dose of this writing.)

2) Amy Rhoda Brown - She is a professional coach whom I met last year when she was just staring out as a coach. I appreciate Amy’s updates on what she has been learning, subjects she has been pondering and general thoughts she wants to get out into the open. These updates are always interesting and the cherry on the top of the proverbial cake is the links that she provides at the end of each newsletter: I always discover something new and useful/interesting/entertaining.

Julia A. Gustavsen